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How Tax Claims can help SMEs in the UK

Posted by GGTC on 17/08/16 12:00


As painful as taxes can be, there can be a silver lining when it comes to what can be written off.

With this being said, here's a look at how Research and Development (R&D) help SMEs reap rewards in regards to their tax claim.

R&D Tax Claims in the UK: Are You Missing Out?

Posted by GGTC on 10/08/16 16:00


What is the R&D Tax Credit?

Up to 32.63% of every pound you spend on research and development on behalf of your company is eligible for a credit on your corporate tax return.

Has your business been missing out on this benefit?

How Can Research and Development Benefit Your UK Company?

Posted by GGTC on 10/08/16 12:00


Research and development tax credits in the United Kingdom (UK) is a well-rewarded enterprise as long as the company that is conducting the experiments meets certain criteria.

Here are some of the benefits that taking on the risk of R&D may give to you.

Eligibility Criterion For Businesses: Tax Credits

Posted by GGTC on 03/08/16 12:00


If you are conducting R&D experiments in the UK, you may be eligible for substantial tax credits based on the research that your company is doing. 

Below we will go into more detail about how to get these tax credits using the following subsections:

Is Your UK Company Eligible For An R&D Tax Credit?

Posted by GGTC on 13/07/16 14:30

The United Kingdom Research & Development Tax Credit rules, simplified.

The Research and Development Tax Credit Scheme (also known as R&D tax credits) was introduced in the United Kingdom in the year 2000 for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), in order to allow any company carrying out R&D to claim back some of the funds spent on research and development. Although there were some amendments announced in the 2016 Budget the essence of the scheme remains unchanged.

How To Find Out if Your UK Company is eligible for R&D tax credits

Posted by GGTC on 11/07/16 16:00

Understanding the eligibility guidelines for R&D Tax Credits

When you take a risk in developing innovative processes, products or services, you may be able to offset those costs with research and development (R&D) tax credits. The tax credits help relieve the burden of expenses when R&D projects do not pan out. The government extends the credits to encourage small and medium enterprises (SMEs), to innovate without worrying about carrying forward a loss. If your company undergoes any R&D projects, you may want to determine if you are eligible to participate in the R&D tax credit scheme.